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Do you have pets that need food, water, potty breaks, walk breaks, medical needs, or just some playtime and affection? In today’s society, with long working hours and living in a big metropolitan area with unpredictable traffic, your pets at home may need some special attention in your absence. Bark At The World’s professional pet sitters can provide that special attention, whether it is pre-planned or needed on the spur of the moment.

Bark at the World | Serving the beautiful Roxborough area since 2002

Do you have a new puppy that needs socialization or an adult dog that gets lonely at home while you are away? Or maybe one of your pets just recently passed away and the one left behind is feeling depressed and confused. Bark At The World provides daycare with customized hours for your convenience in Nancy Murphy’s home where the dogs receive unconditional love, a yard to explore and plenty of comfy beds and furniture for napping when they are not playing.

Bark at the World | Serving the beautiful Roxborough area since 2002Are you going to take a vacation and your pets can’t go with you? Do you cringe at the idea that you will have to kennel your pets where they will get minimum exercise, play, and TLC? Bark At The World can relieve your stress by providing customized pet visits if you think your pets would be most comfortable staying home. Or maybe you would prefer your dog board somewhere else? Bark At The World provides overnight boarding at Nancy Murphy’s home where your dog(s) will be treated like part of the family! Perhaps you would prefer having a professional stay at your home with your pets; Bark At The World can provide that too!

No matter what your pet sitting needs are, you need to have the peace of mind that your pets will be taken care of according to your instructions and will be reliable, professional, and knows how to handle unforeseen emergencies in your absence.

Contact us to find out how we can provide a safe home away from home that your pet will love.

Bark at the World | Serving the beautiful Roxborough area since 2002